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          Jiangsu Wanlong Chemical Co., Ltd.
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          Benzoyl Chloride Series
          Benzyl Chloride Series
          Fluoride Series
          Benzaldehyde Series
          Acid Series
          Derivative Product Series
          Nitrile Series
          Benzoyl Chloride Series
          Benzoyl chloride, also called benzenecarbonyl chloride is known, is a chlorine-organic compound with the formula C6H5COCl. It is a colorless, fuming liquid with a lovely smell. To test, such as bitter apricot kernel oil. It is especially useful for the production of peroxides is but generally useful in other areas such as in the production of dyes, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, and resins.
          2,3-Dichlorobenzoyl Chloride
          P-Nitrobenzoyl Chloride(4-Nitrobenzoyl Chloride)
          P-Methylbenzoyl Chloride(4-Toluoyl Chloride)
          P-Methoxybenzoyl Chloride(P-Anisoyl Chloride)
          P-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride(4-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride)
          P-Chlorobenzoyl Chloride(4-Chlorobenzoyl Chloride)
          O-Methylbenzoyl Chloride(O-Toluoyl Chloride)
          O-Methoxybenzoyl Chloride(O-Anisoyl Chloride)
          O-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride(2-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride)
          O-Chlorobenzoyl Chloride(2-Chlorobenzoyl Chloride)
          M-Nitrobenzoyl Chloride(3-Nitrobenzoyl Chloride)
          M-Methoxybenzoyl Chloride(3-Anisoyl Chloride)
          M-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride(3-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride)
          M-Chlorobenzoyl Chloride(3-Chlorobenzoyl Chloride)
          Benzoyl Chloride
          4-chloro-2-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride
          3,4-Dichlorobenzoyl Chloride
          2-Chloro-6-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride
          2-Chloro-4-Fluorobenzoyl chloride
          2,6-Dichlorobenzoyl Chloride
          2,5-Dichlorobenzoyl Chloride
          2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl Chloride
          2-Bromobenzoyl chloride
          3-Bromobenzoyl chloride
          4-Bromobenzoyl chloride
          2-(Chloromethyl)benzoyl chloride