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          Jiangsu Wanlong Chemical Co., Ltd.
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          Benzoyl Chloride Series
          Benzyl Chloride Series
          Fluoride Series
          Benzaldehyde Series
          Acid Series
          Derivative Product Series
          Nitrile Series
          Benzyl Chloride Series
          Benzyl chloride is used as a chemical intermediate in the benzyl chloride manufacture of certain dyes and pharmaceutical, perfume and flavor products. It is also used as a photographic developer. Benzyl chloride can be used in the manufacture of synthetic tannins and as a gum inhibitor in petrol.Benzyl chloride has been used as an irritant gas in chemical warfare.
          P-Fluorobenzyl Chloride(4-Fluorobenzyl Chloride)
          P-Chlorobenzyl Chloride(4-Chlorobenzyl Chloride)
          O-Fluorobenzyl Chloride(2-Fluorobenzyl Chloride)
          M-Chlorobenzyl Chloride(3-Chlorobenzyl Chloride)
          4-Chloro-2-Fluorobenzyl Chloride
          3,4-Dichlorobenzyl Chloride
          2-Chloro-6-Fluorobenzyl Chloride
          2-Chloro-4-Fluorobenzyl Chloride
          2,6-Dichlorobenzyl Chloride
          2,5-Dichlorobenzyl Chloride
          4-Methyl benzyl chloride
          2-Methyl benzyl chloride