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          German scientists success synthesis stable "MoBi uz" aromatic compounds

          A German scientist has been synthesized stable "MoBi uz" aromatic compounds. The news has been published in the journal nature.
          Most objects, such as sphere, cube or plane body, has two sides: inside and outside, or in front and behind. "MoBi uz" belt is an exception. If you put a tape of a turn 180 degrees, and then and the other end stick up, will get a "MoBi uz" take model, it is only a face two edges.
          Aromatic compounds standard structure is stable ring molecules. According to the hooker theorem, in a large circular area has 4 n + 2 (n = 1, 2,...) A π electronic, and only 4 n π electronic circular compounds is not stable. But in 1964, science Heilbronner theoretical study predicts master, there should be a may synthesis "MoBi uz" the shape of the aromatic (big ring) round ene molecules.
          In normal aromatic compounds, ring structure is stable, with the flexibility and elasticity. But "MoBi uz" take the distortion of the structure serious impact on the ring of tension, p rail occur between overlap, probability distribution change, make the compound is not stable. For many years, in the prediction of self-reliance scientists continue synthesis try, to predict these compounds properties of papers published a lot of, also once had, and the middle of the conjugate ring structure, but its characteristics are not stable. Now, the German scientists finally synthesized p orbit and the stability of the loop is the same plane of "MoBi uz" aromatic compounds, Heilbronner predictions are confirmed.

          (Translated from news in sina.com.cn)