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          Biological technology in the analysis of application of benzaldehyde

          Benzaldehyde in number is the second major spices, natural benzaldehyde often derived from bitter apricot kernels nuclear, and in the process of production and produce of hydrocyanic Moore may cause serious security problems. Recently the scientists found that the microorganism into natural phenylalanine can the synthesis benzene formaldehyde, which is the production of benzaldehyde provides a new solution.
          The process of research and development are enough cheap natural phenylalanine well under guarantee. L-phenylalanine microbial metabolic process helps to avoid the side effects and improve the efficiency of conversion creatures. Someone once use time-L-phenylalanine specific markers Ischnodermabenzoincm expounded the deep fermentation metabolism path, through the research known phenylalanine through two different degradation ways to completely transformed to flavor compounds benzaldehyde and styrene-acrylic alcohol. L-phenylalanine through the oxidation degradation way into benzaldehyde also can be found in bacteria in metabolic process.
          (The translation from news.chemnet.com)